Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Autumn Afghan!!!!

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday (to me) and happy Crocheting!!!

I'm almost done with the Autumn Afternoon Afghan!!! Just some spaghetti strings to weave in, then a wash.


Now i have an account on Ravelry and will post my things up there. Not sure if i'm going to keep this blog. It would mean i'll have to post on both Flickr and PhotoBucket. I don't do it often, so we'll see.

~Marj ^_^

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crochet Adventure!

I know it's been a while. i apologize for my time away, but the spirit of crocheting has awoken and all it took was thoughtful suggestion.... ^_^

one day i was in the car and said, "you know, my sunglasses get really dusty when i throw them in my bag."

"why don't you crochet a case," my boyfriend asked.

what a novel idea... hee hee

here is my new bag case:
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It's done in single crochet, one rectangle, then sewed up the sides. then i made a chain and ran it through every third stitch for a draw string. It works great and keeps my glasses dust and dirt free.

now that the crochet bug is alive and kicking again, i decided to join a crochet club from we met in central park (though i passed them because i didn't have my glasses on :P) and had a nice straight hooking session.

one project that i started about two years ago was the Autumn Afternoon Afghan (free pattern on Lion Brand's site, but you have to register to see it). the pattern seemed easy - single crochet squares 75% one color, 25% another for a zig-zag look. i was able to finish three more squares in just this afternoon ^_____^

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i'd talk more about it, but my eyes are closing as i'm sitting here writing. hahahaha it's been a good long day. not to mention - it was a perfectly beautiful day to crochet!

good night,

~wyn ^_^

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Scarf!!

Check it out....

Caron Perfect Match 100% acrylic
Cape cod Blue 7736

had to take the picture with the camera on my phone. i think that's easier than taking pictures and uploading it on the digital... hee hee

the stitch is a simple half-double crochet. i love the way the ridges come out. ^_^

Not sure if i want to make a hat to match... but it was nice to crochet again.

~wyn :D

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've been bad... >_<

apologies for not keeping you up to date with my projects. not sure if i have time to make meters... but we'll see.

to quickly update you:

I'm working on another unisex hat (posted about that earlier in Jan 2005 i think...). this time, in my sweater blue yarn. as for the sweater, that will just be an off the shoulder shirt for under a bodice. YEAH REN FAIRE

also working on a scarf that will compliment the lovely sweater knitted by my sister.

pics soon to come.


~wyn ^_^

Friday, September 29, 2006

Desparate Times call for... YARN!

Yeah... so in my desparate attempt to crochet while moving between dwellings... i brought this from storage.

Beef twine my foot. i'd rather make it into bags, or sweaters, or even a cute little stuffed animal. not sure what i want to do with it this time. normally after the first row, i get an idea of what i'd like to crochet.

right now, i'm not sure if i want to part the strands (it's very thick), or leave it and just make whatever. perhaps a table mat, or a set... or a pot holder or pot rest... yeah.. something domestic for my possible new dwelling.

we'll see. try to crochet many different materials. i think you'd be surprised with what you can do.

~wyn ^_^

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Very bad crocheter!!!

I've been very bad in not updating!

School, a separation, and job craziness has kept me away from my beloved hooking. Ah well...

Out of sheer desperation, i went into storage, where all my things are kept now-a-days, and pulled out a ball of cotton string and a crochet hook. This weekend, i will start something again!

Planning on finishing that sweater too... it's getting colder here in NY and i'll need it.

Now i think i'd like to complete the neck line as a collar, but i don't know if i have enough yarn. Also want to rib the cuffs to make it pretty.

Will post more often now, i've been away for too long. :D


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sweater Almost done!

Decided to go with 3/4 sleeves, and once i put it on... it was made into an off the shoulder piece... hahahahaha

here it is without being on me.

Looking to make a middle piece that will complete it as a sweater. we'll see how it goes.

sorry so short, but i had to post something. ^_____^

Happy Mother's DAY!