Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crochet Adventure!

I know it's been a while. i apologize for my time away, but the spirit of crocheting has awoken and all it took was thoughtful suggestion.... ^_^

one day i was in the car and said, "you know, my sunglasses get really dusty when i throw them in my bag."

"why don't you crochet a case," my boyfriend asked.

what a novel idea... hee hee

here is my new bag case:
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It's done in single crochet, one rectangle, then sewed up the sides. then i made a chain and ran it through every third stitch for a draw string. It works great and keeps my glasses dust and dirt free.

now that the crochet bug is alive and kicking again, i decided to join a crochet club from we met in central park (though i passed them because i didn't have my glasses on :P) and had a nice straight hooking session.

one project that i started about two years ago was the Autumn Afternoon Afghan (free pattern on Lion Brand's site, but you have to register to see it). the pattern seemed easy - single crochet squares 75% one color, 25% another for a zig-zag look. i was able to finish three more squares in just this afternoon ^_____^

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i'd talk more about it, but my eyes are closing as i'm sitting here writing. hahahaha it's been a good long day. not to mention - it was a perfectly beautiful day to crochet!

good night,

~wyn ^_^

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Michael Manning said...

This is obviously a lot of work and a "labor of love" for you! :) Plus it looks great!!!