Friday, September 29, 2006

Desparate Times call for... YARN!

Yeah... so in my desparate attempt to crochet while moving between dwellings... i brought this from storage.

Beef twine my foot. i'd rather make it into bags, or sweaters, or even a cute little stuffed animal. not sure what i want to do with it this time. normally after the first row, i get an idea of what i'd like to crochet.

right now, i'm not sure if i want to part the strands (it's very thick), or leave it and just make whatever. perhaps a table mat, or a set... or a pot holder or pot rest... yeah.. something domestic for my possible new dwelling.

we'll see. try to crochet many different materials. i think you'd be surprised with what you can do.

~wyn ^_^

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Very bad crocheter!!!

I've been very bad in not updating!

School, a separation, and job craziness has kept me away from my beloved hooking. Ah well...

Out of sheer desperation, i went into storage, where all my things are kept now-a-days, and pulled out a ball of cotton string and a crochet hook. This weekend, i will start something again!

Planning on finishing that sweater too... it's getting colder here in NY and i'll need it.

Now i think i'd like to complete the neck line as a collar, but i don't know if i have enough yarn. Also want to rib the cuffs to make it pretty.

Will post more often now, i've been away for too long. :D