Sunday, February 12, 2006

And the snowstorm brings time to those who stitch...

hee hee hee

completed a quick project... i came across some pretty cotton yarn at the hardware store and figured i'd pick some up. It's 100% cotton and is marked "meat string" i think. probably something that butchers use to tie up packs of meat.

well it's sturdy and thick, and i imagined a little hand bag that would look great in this color:

not sure if i want to line it. being that it's so sturdy, i don't think it will gather and stretch like the acrylic bag i had. of course there are problems with it... but i'm still learning right? at least its functional. ^_^

And now... some sweater progress:

matching the tank straps, i started new rows and decreased just at the underarm. you can see it a little on the first picture. i've included a close up so you can see the different stiches. it's almost seamless, yet it has some character.

hopefully, i'll have this done before the snow melts. hee hee.



Rebecca said...

oooo, the sweater looks nice! can't wait to see it modeled :)
i think you should line the bag... otherwise, you might lose your favorite pen ;P

Marina said...

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Take care.