Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Yarn? NO.... hee hee

YAY!!! Yesterday i stopped by the yarn store by my job and they finally had Reynold's Utopia AND they had the blue with flecked grey. Now i can finish my blue tank/sweater/shirt.

It was too plain as a tank, so i decided to make it into a sweater/shirt. I don't know if i want to go with bell sleeves (something i've wanted to try), or not. I picked up two skeins ($4.50 a pop!) and will work with that.

Two more squares are done on my Autumn Afghan project, which brings me to 15 squares... i think. Will check tonight. ^_^



Megan said...

Congrats on the yarn score! Bell sleeves are really fun to wear, but good luck on whatever you decide to make.

PBnJ said...

ohh i've always thought bell sleeves look great on sweaters! so romantic and free spirited, heh.