Sunday, August 14, 2005

5 more down

looks like everything's moving along. I'm on vacation for two weeks, so i get a little crochet time. ^_^

Finished 5 more squares today for a total of 13 squares. Will keep you updated on that.

i did manage to complete another project, though. The hooks on my ceiling were in dire need of plant hangers, so with a little googling, i found this pattern:

Plant Hanger

Well, i didn't exactly have the yarn to use a size K hook... so i improvised..

not quite what i expected, but it came out okay, and it works.

Image hosted by

Now i have to make a matching one. Perhaps i'll double up the strands to make it a little stronger.



Jewels said...

Looks pretty with that yarn!! I had seen that pattern before but haven't tried it yet.

Spring said...

Whoa. Flashback. I think we had something like that in our house when I was little. Great job!

*Ahem.* I just had some time off and I didn't even touch my knitting. I know! I'm ashamed! I was going to start on a scarf and everything. (Hey, don't laugh--I'm new to this! lol.)

Your blog makes me want to dig up my old crochet needles though.

PBnJ said...

heya! that's a great idea, and it looks good too! =D