Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The tale of my afghan

remember i was making the Afternoon Afghan? Yeah, well it's become MEGA boring.

my stitches are still not straight enough to produce the same shape/size squares! i think i was better off with the granny square project. hee hee

Anyway, here is one of my squares:
Image hosted by

and here are all the squares i've created so far:
Image hosted by

i wish i could do better, but putting down my hook to measure the correct size really takes me out of the rhythm of crocheting and i lose my tension!

ah well. i'll continue until i'm done!

~wyn ^_^


Rebecca said...

how neat! i'm interested in this... how's it gonna look when you're done? you'd be surprised what joining squares can do for their wonkiness - i know i was on my first joining project. woo hoo for you, keep going :)

PBnJ said...

keep at it! the more practice the better they will look! not that you're not off to a great start already, heh. and like rebecca said you'd be surprised just how much stretching and reshaping the squares can do when you join them all together. =)