Wednesday, June 29, 2005

iPod Cozy


So we were in the apple store a few months ago and saw this rediculous item:

Apple iPod Socks

My hubby loved them, thought they were cute.

"I could make you one, you know. Even get some white yarn" i told him.
"YAY!" he replied.

So, i made him one:
Image hosted by

it's really nothing more than a pocket, but he loves it and wants more. it's still pretty clean (everything of his is clean ^_________^) but he wants more socks because they protect his precious iPod hee hee

I plan to make more, maybe in other colors, but it was so easy.

Make a rectangle as large as the measurement around the ipod, then sew it up on two sides, leaving the top open. insert iPod and enjoy!

more yet to come, STILL!


Spring said...

That's really cute, Wyn. :)

janakianne said...

ooh, I made one of those for my idea too! mine is brown, look at my craft blog :)