Monday, February 28, 2005

so um... hat's done!

hee hee hee

here is the hat i made for my wonderful hubby:

and modeling...

YAY! Here is the pattern (although i would like to email the poster to let him/her know that the brim part is backwards...)
Mielkes Farm - Crocheted Rib Hat Pattern


Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Okay... so i lied about the knitting posts!!! I'll probably post a lot more knitting if my sister made something cool, but from now on, it will probably just include stuff she made for me!

This is what she worked so hard on, her very FIRST knitting project!!! I'm so proud! :D
Hosted by

And here is the lucky owner showing it off :P
Hosted by

Basically, that muffin is a character i created a while ago. When i was at college, my current husband and i used to draw on that white board. We drew muffins and cookies and it was the cutest thing! Something in my house always has the picture. Very cute. I even made a Café Press Store Muffin Pics with my drawing.

It's just toooooooo cute!!!

what do you think of that?! Isn't my sister cool?! hee hee

~lw with a new bag!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


I figured i should show you guys what i've been working on.

The Poncho, lapghan, shawl, whatever you want to call it... i've frogged the whole thing (almost twice) because i didn't know exactly what i want to do with it. So far, i've decided that i want to use the half-double crochet because it makes cool ridges. maybe i'll just make a funky shawl or something. we'll see. probably end up being another hat and scarf set :P

here is a picture:

As for my Afternoon Afghan... i've had to frog about 2-3 squares because the second one i made was perfect enough for me to keep. the others aren't doing so well. i think i'm going to add it to my square list on the side. hee hee.

I'll probably do homework tomorrow, but maybe i'll bring some crochet to do to ease my mind a little. ^_^

~lady wyntir