Sunday, December 04, 2005

Starting again

well.. seems like i've screwed up again :(. This time, i was crocheting at my inlaw's house, and i managed to join opposite tank top straps together... in a criss cross fashion. The tank top idea is going out the window, i'll frog that silly thing and stick to my rectangles until i'm better aquainted with free form clothing!! ^_^

So now, i'm working on two "T" shaped pieces, that i'll join at the top (not including the middle part for the head hole), and then at the sides. Will try to get pics up, but i can't even bring myself to show you the picture of the mess up i did today. hahaha

happy crocheting!

`wyn ^_^

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sorry for the delay!!

I haven't had a chance to work on my sweater.... but once my midterms are done, and halloween is a fond memory, i may have some pics. ^_^


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Starting over

well, it looks as if the sleeves were too tight around my shoulder area for the sweater.

i'm going to frog just up to the arm straps and then start again. ah well. that's what i get for free forming right?

i won't give up though. this yarn is too nice to not play with ^_^


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Yarn? NO.... hee hee

YAY!!! Yesterday i stopped by the yarn store by my job and they finally had Reynold's Utopia AND they had the blue with flecked grey. Now i can finish my blue tank/sweater/shirt.

It was too plain as a tank, so i decided to make it into a sweater/shirt. I don't know if i want to go with bell sleeves (something i've wanted to try), or not. I picked up two skeins ($4.50 a pop!) and will work with that.

Two more squares are done on my Autumn Afghan project, which brings me to 15 squares... i think. Will check tonight. ^_^


Sunday, August 14, 2005

5 more down

looks like everything's moving along. I'm on vacation for two weeks, so i get a little crochet time. ^_^

Finished 5 more squares today for a total of 13 squares. Will keep you updated on that.

i did manage to complete another project, though. The hooks on my ceiling were in dire need of plant hangers, so with a little googling, i found this pattern:

Plant Hanger

Well, i didn't exactly have the yarn to use a size K hook... so i improvised..

not quite what i expected, but it came out okay, and it works.

Image hosted by

Now i have to make a matching one. Perhaps i'll double up the strands to make it a little stronger.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Added to my first webring!!

YAY!!! Thank you Yarn Tomato!!!

I've been accepted to the Crochet Blogs webring. Click on the link to the left to check out other cool crochet sites.

Ever since i started surfing the web (back in '94 - haha... i said back then), i've wanted to be on a webring. Now i have something that i can contribute.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The tale of my afghan

remember i was making the Afternoon Afghan? Yeah, well it's become MEGA boring.

my stitches are still not straight enough to produce the same shape/size squares! i think i was better off with the granny square project. hee hee

Anyway, here is one of my squares:
Image hosted by

and here are all the squares i've created so far:
Image hosted by

i wish i could do better, but putting down my hook to measure the correct size really takes me out of the rhythm of crocheting and i lose my tension!

ah well. i'll continue until i'm done!

~wyn ^_^

iPod Cozy


So we were in the apple store a few months ago and saw this rediculous item:

Apple iPod Socks

My hubby loved them, thought they were cute.

"I could make you one, you know. Even get some white yarn" i told him.
"YAY!" he replied.

So, i made him one:
Image hosted by

it's really nothing more than a pocket, but he loves it and wants more. it's still pretty clean (everything of his is clean ^_________^) but he wants more socks because they protect his precious iPod hee hee

I plan to make more, maybe in other colors, but it was so easy.

Make a rectangle as large as the measurement around the ipod, then sew it up on two sides, leaving the top open. insert iPod and enjoy!

more yet to come, STILL!

New updates... YAY!

Wow! Finally have some time to post!

Since april, i've been quite busy. School, work, and making sure i have time for myself!

I had to find a decent picture, to get all the measurements in order
Image hosted by

This was a perfect shot.. but i didn't have enough time to get it done properly. So this is what i was able to create:

Here was my first attempt
Image hosted by

The front view of my 2nd completed vest
Image hosted by

The back view
Image hosted by

It was all done in single crochet stitches, made to match a tank top that fit me already. I had to keep refering back to the picture to make sure that the placement of the bottom slant was correct (where the middle seam parts) and this was the second in the making.

My first vest was done in one night, but as i put it on i realized that it was too low. As you can see in the original piccie of Mai, the vest front meets just above her breast area, not to show any cleavage, at all. My first vest joined just beneath the middle of my breast area, way too small. So, i started again!

It was all free form, no pattern and as i said before, i had to refer to the picture as i created each piece. This was my method:

1 - did the back as all one peice. i started at the top and then increased until the back armholes were shaped.
2 - made each front side. they are pretty much identical, with the exception of the "right" side of the stitch. For that, i think i just tried my best to make them look okay... hahahahaha
3 - the white trimming. This was kind of hard. The trimming was all on the edge of the crochet and after trying several times, unsuccessfully, i just decided to end the edge in the orange yarn, then go over it in white.
4 - did the bottom section. it was much easier to form the slants at the bottom of her vest when the bottom section was separate from the rest of the piece. So i made a trapeziod shape, and added a few extra stitches here and there (the reason for the ruffles). I added too many increases and it turned out curly instead of form fitting.

I'll probably do this once more so i can fit it better to my body and have it tight like Mai does.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

And i'll post other entries for my other projects!

more to come,

~wyn ^_^

Monday, April 25, 2005

School, Crochet, and Cosplay

YAY!! crochet i have, but pictures, i have not... hahahaha

I only have the finished product of a vest i just made... so i won't post anything yet (if you want to see it, check out the I-Con24 post on "A Peek into Wyntir."

gotta go!


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pattern Change Explanation

Okay... so i have some time to explain why i think the pattern should be switched.

In the line:


Ch 46. Join, without twisting, to form a circle. Sc around for 7rnds. Turn inside-out, and crochet to the left again (which is the way you just came) sc in the FRONT LOOPS ONLY. Sc for 6 rnds. Join with a sl st. Ch 2.

From this point, continue onto the rounded part of the hat. If you continue from the ridges you just made, the unfolded hat would look like this:
Image hosted by

Now, if you were to fold over the bottom flap, it would completely hide the ridge you just made. Instead, I suggest starting with the ridges first, to make it look like this:

Right Side Out:
Image hosted by

Inside Out:
Image hosted by

This way, once you turn it right side out, fold over the flap, the finished hat looks like this:
Image hosted by

Hope that helps. I suck at drawing... >_<


Monday, February 28, 2005

so um... hat's done!

hee hee hee

here is the hat i made for my wonderful hubby:

and modeling...

YAY! Here is the pattern (although i would like to email the poster to let him/her know that the brim part is backwards...)
Mielkes Farm - Crocheted Rib Hat Pattern


Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Okay... so i lied about the knitting posts!!! I'll probably post a lot more knitting if my sister made something cool, but from now on, it will probably just include stuff she made for me!

This is what she worked so hard on, her very FIRST knitting project!!! I'm so proud! :D
Hosted by

And here is the lucky owner showing it off :P
Hosted by

Basically, that muffin is a character i created a while ago. When i was at college, my current husband and i used to draw on that white board. We drew muffins and cookies and it was the cutest thing! Something in my house always has the picture. Very cute. I even made a Café Press Store Muffin Pics with my drawing.

It's just toooooooo cute!!!

what do you think of that?! Isn't my sister cool?! hee hee

~lw with a new bag!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


I figured i should show you guys what i've been working on.

The Poncho, lapghan, shawl, whatever you want to call it... i've frogged the whole thing (almost twice) because i didn't know exactly what i want to do with it. So far, i've decided that i want to use the half-double crochet because it makes cool ridges. maybe i'll just make a funky shawl or something. we'll see. probably end up being another hat and scarf set :P

here is a picture:

As for my Afternoon Afghan... i've had to frog about 2-3 squares because the second one i made was perfect enough for me to keep. the others aren't doing so well. i think i'm going to add it to my square list on the side. hee hee.

I'll probably do homework tomorrow, but maybe i'll bring some crochet to do to ease my mind a little. ^_^

~lady wyntir

Monday, January 31, 2005


This is a test post from

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The only knitting thing you'll see on this crochet blog

HEY! My sis is learning how to knit! YAY!!!!

Now we can crochet and knit together! But don't worry, this is the only knit thing i'll have on my site... hee hee hee

look at how good her stitches came out!

Knit Entry - Twice on Tuesday

Here is just the photo!

I'm so proud!!! ^_______________________^

~Lady Wyntir

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Project already!

Okay... so i put the poncho on the back burner. I want to finish my first afghan before school starts again.

so i'm making the Autumn Afternoon Afghan from the Lion Brand website.

I've completed my first square... i guess you can say as a guage, because it came out REALLY crappy!!! :P I may frog it and start again, but for now, i've started on my second square.

The tension is much more even this time, so i think i'll start counting squares with this one. Maybe i'll have piccies up by the weekend, but we'll see. It's going to be raining for the rest of the week and i can stay inside and get lots done... um... so long as i don't go off track, hee hee hee.

So i'll update my project counters and i think i have to start that poncho over again, so it's back to 0%!

~Lady Wyntir