Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Okay... I give in!

I didn't want to make a poncho... but it looks so warm and it leaves your arms free of sleeves. So, with the Red Heart comfort prints, i started to make a poncho.

I'm not sure if i want to crochet it all as once piece (like a V and then join the ends) or to make two rectangles and join them together. I'll see.

One rectangle is partially done, probably more than the 15% i am reporting. Pictures will follow when i get home tonight.

(i forget how terribly easy it is to take and post pictures hee hee)

Let's see... after i do the poncho, or maybe at the same time, i will begin my first afghan. I wish yarn wasn't so expensive, but i think i have an idea of an easy pattern that will give me a chance to make all sorts of crazy squares to join together. i may do granny squares, but i think i should work on joining colors before i begin the complicated patterns.

But then my DH always suggests i try the hardest to challenge myself. i love him for knowing my strengths ^_______^

so i'll peruse the pattern web pages to find a challenging pattern with scraps of yarn. hope i have enough!

~Lady Wyntir

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