Sunday, November 14, 2004

Blue sweater/tank done.... almost!

YAY! Well i finished the crochet part of my tank top. I still have to block it and trim the ends of the yarn.

Here is the finished product:

Front View:

Back View:


I'm so excited to have finished this. Just a few notes...
1. Must make the straps a little closer. It's nice for a bra-less ensamble, but with a bra the straps show. :(
2. should figure out a way to make a nice collar and sleves.
3. GET MORE YARN... this was done with two skeins of Utopia yarn by Reynold's. I went back to the store to find no more twist... i mean, no more yarn. ^_^

Now... on to my extra yarn afghan!

~Lady Wyntir


Dot said...

You are amazing. This is a great tank top. Good job, I'm glad you stuck with it.

Anonymous said...

I kove the yank you did such and awsome job! Sutty

Jennifa said...

That's a great tank! Good work.

Dani said...

That looks great! Nice work. :-)