Sunday, November 21, 2004

Quick Granny square

Well... another small test done! i used some extra yarn to try a granny square.

The pattern said it was easy, so i gave it a try. here is the site:
Pinwheel Square

you start doing rounds and then one of the rows begins to turn the circle into a square! HAHAHAHA i was so beside myself when i started stitching corners i felt like a silly goose... @_@

So it's a little lopsided, but i went through the whole pattern! YAY!!! hee hee

here is a piccie:

My flash of course didn't show the actual color, but that's not really important. I think i want to make a bunch of granny squares and then make some ghetto blanket! it will be my own.... my precious.... hee hee hee - alright, i've gone crazy i know.

I did this instead of typing up my report... which is due tomorrow.....>_< hee hee ah well. i'm just excited that i got this done. it was fairly easy (thank you Dayna!).

next... another square! maybe i'll put that on the side of my blog bar... that would be cool... hee hee hee.

until next time, have a good night.

~Lady Wyntir

Friday, November 19, 2004


Talk about free advertisement!


I cannot WAIT to go to get some yarn! So many ideas i have in mind:

Secret Afghan (hee hee hee)
Sweater Jacket
Black Tank for my sis
Afghan practice
Stitch Sample Squares
Pajama sets
others.... hee hee

Can't wait to get started. Winter break is coming up and I can't wait!

~Lady Wyntir

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Blue sweater/tank done.... almost!

YAY! Well i finished the crochet part of my tank top. I still have to block it and trim the ends of the yarn.

Here is the finished product:

Front View:

Back View:


I'm so excited to have finished this. Just a few notes...
1. Must make the straps a little closer. It's nice for a bra-less ensamble, but with a bra the straps show. :(
2. should figure out a way to make a nice collar and sleves.
3. GET MORE YARN... this was done with two skeins of Utopia yarn by Reynold's. I went back to the store to find no more twist... i mean, no more yarn. ^_^

Now... on to my extra yarn afghan!

~Lady Wyntir

Monday, November 08, 2004

Tank received!

My gift was received! YAY!!!

I hope she posts pictures to show what she's done with it!

Besides that, i finished half of my blue tank. I'm a little worried because i'm running out of yarn faster. The straps are thicker than last time, so i think i'll just connect the one side... or maybe use that as the back. I'll have to play around with how it looks. ^_________^

Very excited, my crochet project is moving on it's way. Pictures to follow!

~Lady Wyntir

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tank gift-y!

YAY! Someone from Crochetville wanted my tank top to do something with it! So, i sent it to her. ^_^ Hope she likes it.

A few more rows are done ~reminds herself to raise the bar for her project meter~ and it's looking wonderful. I wonder if i have enough yarn...

I'll stop by my yarn store with the pattern for this afghan: Autumn Afternoon Afghan

Someday i'll make it. I better do it before it gets too cold!

~lady wyntir