Saturday, October 23, 2004

Tank top Tank

okay... okay.. Rebecca.. thank you for reminding me of the tank top...

the yarn is beautiful and it washes soooooo softly!

here are pictures, but i'm afraid i'll have to do some of it over.....

And Front:

I didn't expect the yarn to get softer and much more flexible.

It was Reynold's Utopia.. some cream color! Forgive me, they only mark it with a number. but it's 100% Courtelle Acrylic.. SO SOFT!!!

The problem is that it's way too big. I can fit it around my hips because it stretched. So, i think i'll buy some more and make it into a sweater ^_^.

~Lady Wyntir


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a great Tank. Such a simple concept too. I've been wanting to find something like this fro next summer. Thanks for sharing. Great blog too. This is my first visit.


Lady Wyntir said...

you're welcome to visit any time ^_^.

After being frustrated from not finding a simple pattern for a tank top, i decided to make one myself. ^_____^

Great site, btw! Love the yarn-o-fungus! hee hee hee

i wish i had an inspirational corner. right now, it's where ever i have space to crochet.