Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Posting and Pictures, i Promise!

Thank you to those that visit and offer warm support!
<3<3 It's much appreciated. <3<3

I've added some buttons on the side - A link to my regular blog, TR's crafts and hook me up (thanks emily!).

Homework is always looming in the background so when i'm done with my paper (and spending some time with my DH), I'll post photos of the yarn and maybe a drawring of the blanket i plan to make.

It was really funny... I looked at all the bags i had full of yarn and there are SO MANY skeins that were unused, or are left over and not enough to do anything with. If this project goes well, i'll post it on the Crochetville project pages to see if anyone else would like to try.

Gotta go now, will write soon with photos!

~Lady Wyntir

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