Thursday, October 21, 2004

finally here

YAY! hee hee. Okay... I have some photos for you.

Here is the new yarn i purchased:
Pretty blue!

Close up:

of course, the flash totally takes out the real color of the yarn. Ah well.

So here is my dilema. I don't know what to make out of it. It was pretty expensive ($9 for both of them!) so i don't know if i should make a scarf, or start on a poncho.

My previous plan was to make a blanket (it's already getting cold here in NY) but i don't know. This is nice for a border color, but my other colors are varied! Talk about putting boucle with other cotton/acrylic blends... hee hee take a look:

any help would be great. otherwise, i'm going to make up some squares, put them all together (maybe like a mile-a-minute afghan) or just something totally made up.. hee hee


Rebecca said...

are you looking to use up all the yarns in that basket? i think they will all look great in granny style - using that blue sparingly in the squares and then edging with it.... that blue is gorgeous by the way!!!

Tracy said...

Oooo pretty yarn! I'm on a fancy yarn kick right now. Where did you get it? I just found a couple new (new to me that is) yarn stores in Queens that i have to check out (one is in Bayside). I must hit Smileys one day.
Thanks for adding my button! :)

Lady Wyntir said...

Bought it at "The Yarn Connection" on Madison and 36th street (both the Tan and Blue).

I love Smilies ^_______^