Monday, September 13, 2004

Project #5: More bags

Okay.. i bought this beautiful yarn that was varieated - blue, white and brown. It made such a great color combination i wanted to use it for everything. So... i made an eyeglass case (i think i might have written about this before) that turned into an umbrella handle.

Unfortunately, the umbrella was stolen, along with my project... so with the rest of the yarn, i made a bag:

The only thread color i had was pink, so the button matched, but the thread i used to sew it on, didn't. Can you tell? It's a very beautiful yarn combination.. it matches with EVERYTHING i wear (mostly blues and browns.. and there is white in there as well).

It was an easy bag to make... rows across and then just crochet closed the sides. Add a handle and viola!


Friday, September 03, 2004


strange... someone brought very thin yarn to my apartment because they know i crochet. it's on a cone and the colors vary.

right now i'm working with a white color, speckled with black and it's making a nice, light lacey fabric, probably great for a breezy scarf, poncho or shirt. i'll see how it comes out ^_^

pictures to follow!