Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sweater-bag, project #2

So my completed coasters and mittens had me ready for some more crocheting. I was ready to make some placemats for a glass table in my apartment. Eying a measurement, the lenth was about as long as my arm when i was a quarter of the way through it. Crocheting lenthwise made it impossible to decrease unless i unravelled it all :(. Instead of getting frustrated... the placemat suddenly became a sweater sleeve!

I'm sure other crocheters and knitters change their minds as they move along. There wasn't a pattern** to follow and the shape was basically rectangle-ish so i figured it could turn into anything.. hee hee
(**I love that people create patterns, i admire them for their patience but i tend to always stray because i want to try something new and unique.)

So off i went to making the sweater sleeve and i remembered i only had one skein of this yarn and that DEFINITELY wouldn't be enough for a sweater... SO... it became a book cover! I folded over the sides and it was perfect to place a hard covered book in. Maybe... lord of the rings or something like that. Then i added a shoulder strap and i couldn't leave home without it as a purse! HAHAHAHA!

Here is the finished product on me:

and a picture of the bag laying flat:

I should give a close up to show how raggy it's become.. i drag that thing everywhere! Next time, i think i'll line my bag to help keep it settled. If anything pointy was in there (keys, cell phone anten. pens) they would catch in the yarn, fall through or stick out in weird angles.

Then again.. i could always try a tighter stitch! :P

~Lady Wyntir

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