Thursday, August 26, 2004

Project #4; Hat and Scarf Sets

Now i had a new love of crochet! I can actually make USEFUL things hee hee. You really don't know how it feels until you've made something. Like when i baked my first loaf of bread. I was hopping around the kitchen looking at the underbrowned loaf.just because i couldn't believe i could make something that you normally buy at the store... but that's another tale, probably for another blog :D

I went on to making hat and scarf sets. My sis was the first to ask for a set. She wanted a hat that was open on the top so she would be able to put her hair through for pigtails. The hat turned into a kitty with ears (i MUST get the pictures!) and a matching LONG and WIDE scarf. (nothing says it like CAPS!!! hee hee).

Then i made one for my dad... my first hat from a pattern. It kinda sucked but he loved it.... what a great dad, huh? I tried to make a round hat from a pattern i got from the library, but i grow VERY impatient and just started doing the rest on my own.

The yarn was very soft, a steely grey color, and it caught on the velcro on his coat and became fuzzy. He loved that because it made the scarf warmer... who knew!? hee hee

So i decided to make a beanie hat for myself and a scarf set from one skein of yarn:

I loved the colors! (got them from a friend for my birthday!) and it's fashionable in my own way ^_^

So hats and scarves are one more thing under my belt.

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Tracy said...

I like that hat. What pattern did you use?
(i found you through Crochetville... I'm also a Queens girl). Hi