Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"First" Crochet Project

Well... it all started with me going back to crochet. I learned when i was in 5th grade... i believe. my Aunt taught me how to use the hook and yarn. The idea was cool at first, and i tried it here and there but it wasn't fun after a while. i never got the hang of keeping a loose hold of the yarn. So basically i had a bunch of knots linked together.

I gave away a blanket.. it was QUITE lopsided! Very surprised that they didn't say anything to me (my family is very critical of everything else... although they tend to be sensitive at times ^_^).

So i gave it up....

Now, YEARS later i find some crochet hooks on eBay and i say to myself... WAIT! I can DO THIS! ^___________^. I bought some Susan Bates hooks (ranging from a 10.5 -K to a tiny 10 for doilies... tiny!) for about $8. Next step... went to michael's for some yarn on sale! YAY!

My REAL first project was going to be gloves, but they really didn't keep me warm. they turned into mittens but since they weren't any good...(practice more than anything) i threw them out. So then i moved onto coasters:

Sorry it's a little blurry... but here is a closer look:

So there you have it! My First Project... More history of a Lady's Crochet!

~Lady Wyntir

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