Thursday, August 26, 2004

Crocheting into winter; Project #3

YAY! On to the next project: Scarves!

I have to say that making scarves boosted my learning experience the most! I made several scarves for family, friends and myself. Here's what i've learned:

1. Scarves are VERY easy to crochet
2. Scarves can be made by an amateur in about 2 hours
3. Fringes are FUN!
4. People LOVE scarves as presents!
5. Crocheting lenthwise is not a good idea... it makes more work if you need to make the scarf longer. Crochet rows as the width so you can adjust the length as much as you need.
6. Bulky yarn makes for REALLY warm scarves
7. Making a long scarf allows you to wrap the scarf around twice and that gives you more warmth

i love making scarves! Here are the pictures of my very first ones! I did the red first, then the yellow:

They are VERY basic... all done in SC (single crochet). I'll have to try with different colors later. I want to crochet those harry potter scarves for my brothers (i haven't taken to knitting just yet... i'm VERY biased to crochet! :P)

Next project... hat and scarf sets ^_^

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