Saturday, August 28, 2004

no more braces!

YAY! my braces are off! i know this is my crochet blog.. but i'm too happy to even contain myself! ^_______^

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Crocheting into winter; Project #3 - part 2

i almost forgot to show my husband's scarfy!

This one was interesting... see below:

you see.. he wrapped it rather tightly around to keep warm and in doing that, it stretched the yarn stiches (is that what you call it?) to make it look elegant...

i found that intriguing and i want to block it that way so it stays. very pretty!

~Lady Wyntir

Project #4; Hat and Scarf Sets

Now i had a new love of crochet! I can actually make USEFUL things hee hee. You really don't know how it feels until you've made something. Like when i baked my first loaf of bread. I was hopping around the kitchen looking at the underbrowned loaf.just because i couldn't believe i could make something that you normally buy at the store... but that's another tale, probably for another blog :D

I went on to making hat and scarf sets. My sis was the first to ask for a set. She wanted a hat that was open on the top so she would be able to put her hair through for pigtails. The hat turned into a kitty with ears (i MUST get the pictures!) and a matching LONG and WIDE scarf. (nothing says it like CAPS!!! hee hee).

Then i made one for my dad... my first hat from a pattern. It kinda sucked but he loved it.... what a great dad, huh? I tried to make a round hat from a pattern i got from the library, but i grow VERY impatient and just started doing the rest on my own.

The yarn was very soft, a steely grey color, and it caught on the velcro on his coat and became fuzzy. He loved that because it made the scarf warmer... who knew!? hee hee

So i decided to make a beanie hat for myself and a scarf set from one skein of yarn:

I loved the colors! (got them from a friend for my birthday!) and it's fashionable in my own way ^_^

So hats and scarves are one more thing under my belt.

Crocheting into winter; Project #3

YAY! On to the next project: Scarves!

I have to say that making scarves boosted my learning experience the most! I made several scarves for family, friends and myself. Here's what i've learned:

1. Scarves are VERY easy to crochet
2. Scarves can be made by an amateur in about 2 hours
3. Fringes are FUN!
4. People LOVE scarves as presents!
5. Crocheting lenthwise is not a good idea... it makes more work if you need to make the scarf longer. Crochet rows as the width so you can adjust the length as much as you need.
6. Bulky yarn makes for REALLY warm scarves
7. Making a long scarf allows you to wrap the scarf around twice and that gives you more warmth

i love making scarves! Here are the pictures of my very first ones! I did the red first, then the yellow:

They are VERY basic... all done in SC (single crochet). I'll have to try with different colors later. I want to crochet those harry potter scarves for my brothers (i haven't taken to knitting just yet... i'm VERY biased to crochet! :P)

Next project... hat and scarf sets ^_^

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sweater-bag, project #2

So my completed coasters and mittens had me ready for some more crocheting. I was ready to make some placemats for a glass table in my apartment. Eying a measurement, the lenth was about as long as my arm when i was a quarter of the way through it. Crocheting lenthwise made it impossible to decrease unless i unravelled it all :(. Instead of getting frustrated... the placemat suddenly became a sweater sleeve!

I'm sure other crocheters and knitters change their minds as they move along. There wasn't a pattern** to follow and the shape was basically rectangle-ish so i figured it could turn into anything.. hee hee
(**I love that people create patterns, i admire them for their patience but i tend to always stray because i want to try something new and unique.)

So off i went to making the sweater sleeve and i remembered i only had one skein of this yarn and that DEFINITELY wouldn't be enough for a sweater... SO... it became a book cover! I folded over the sides and it was perfect to place a hard covered book in. Maybe... lord of the rings or something like that. Then i added a shoulder strap and i couldn't leave home without it as a purse! HAHAHAHA!

Here is the finished product on me:

and a picture of the bag laying flat:

I should give a close up to show how raggy it's become.. i drag that thing everywhere! Next time, i think i'll line my bag to help keep it settled. If anything pointy was in there (keys, cell phone anten. pens) they would catch in the yarn, fall through or stick out in weird angles.

Then again.. i could always try a tighter stitch! :P

~Lady Wyntir

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"First" Crochet Project

Well... it all started with me going back to crochet. I learned when i was in 5th grade... i believe. my Aunt taught me how to use the hook and yarn. The idea was cool at first, and i tried it here and there but it wasn't fun after a while. i never got the hang of keeping a loose hold of the yarn. So basically i had a bunch of knots linked together.

I gave away a blanket.. it was QUITE lopsided! Very surprised that they didn't say anything to me (my family is very critical of everything else... although they tend to be sensitive at times ^_^).

So i gave it up....

Now, YEARS later i find some crochet hooks on eBay and i say to myself... WAIT! I can DO THIS! ^___________^. I bought some Susan Bates hooks (ranging from a 10.5 -K to a tiny 10 for doilies... tiny!) for about $8. Next step... went to michael's for some yarn on sale! YAY!

My REAL first project was going to be gloves, but they really didn't keep me warm. they turned into mittens but since they weren't any good...(practice more than anything) i threw them out. So then i moved onto coasters:

Sorry it's a little blurry... but here is a closer look:

So there you have it! My First Project... More history of a Lady's Crochet!

~Lady Wyntir

Friday, August 20, 2004

First Blog

Wow.... my first blog. for being a computer techie-girl.. i feel silly that i'm only getting this out now!

Ah well here goes!